Stone Universe
Stone Universe

120 million years ago the continents of Africa and South America formed a great continent, called Gondwana. Due to the movement of the tectonic plates this continent underwent a separation.
When being generated the opening of both continents, an alteration between the atmospheric pressure and the internal land pressure takes place. This causes that the internal pressure is freed promoting the magma to the surface.
The magma covered the existing sands in the Gondwana continent. This magma includes and smelts the sand, causing that certain gases are catched without being able to go out to the surface forming a bubble.
Inside this bubble the sand smelts and recrystallizes and it begins to cool. First the agate is formed and is present in all stones and then the quartz and the amethyst are formed, being the amethyst a type of smelted quartz formed by sand, silica, iron and other elements.As a result of that separation a fault was generated that goes from the north of Uruguay, happening through Artigas, towards Brazil and Bolivia.